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About Us - Future

In September 2006, Diane had been with us for nearly four months. She had spent that time watching, learning and listening and during September she gave a prayerful sermon on her discoveries and her thoughts about God's vision for our church. She began by quoting one of her favourite verses from the Bible, Proverbs 29:18...'where there is no vision the people perish'. The following is a summary of her conclusions, her thoughts about God's vision for St John's and areas that were close to her heart. Several years on, these ideas still guide our work .

¤  There are three areas that she felt strongly she wanted to share with us about moving forward with God's vision:

  • ¤  We need the resources to do God's work - that means people, their gifts and talents, and money. We need to fundraise for the church to look after the building and to run God's projects, and to show visitors the evidence that we are a living and lively church.
  • ¤  Our worship - looking at God's way to attract families and young people, and looking for people to contribute their ideas and talents, the start of a series of study groups, and growth of our current groups, focusing of God's Word, a life giving word.... with exciting things to discover.
  • ¤  And finally, our children and young people, as not only are they the church of the future but part of the church now, about taking them seriously and getting them involved.

Since then, we have been praying and seeking ways to move forward in our journey. We have tried some different forms of worship, we have been very pleased to welcome the children from the towns schools to visit the church and celebrate their Christmas carols with us. In Lent 2008 we had a day seeking the future of the church guided by our Archdeacon. We don't have all the answers, but are continually seeking the way ahead.

We will be adding material to our website to show what things we are getting up to in following the vision for the church - please watch this space!

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