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About Us - Future

Vision for the Church

¤ On 25th February 2006, Jan Bailey led a workshop type session where 28 members of the congregation met to consider how our church could be more effective. We enjoyed several lively and passionate group discussions and we decided firstly that:

¤ When asked "What is the Church and what is it for", it is a community of people committed to faith in Jesus Christ. It exists to provide worship, witness, prayer, support and care for those in need, a place of refuge and peace. It is also an organisation which exists for the benefit of non-members.

¤ We talked about "What kind of church are we" we decided that at present we are too much like a maintenance church in that instead of focusing on our mission, we are focusing on the bills, the building and the present. To become more focused on our mission, we would need to:

      ¤ Proclaim & teach the Good News of the Kingdom
      ¤ Teach, baptise and nurture mature Christians
      ¤ Respond to human need by loving service
      ¤ Seek to transform the unjust structures of society
      ¤ Strive to safeguard the integrity of creation & sustain & renew the life of the earth.

¤ In order to become a mission-oriented church we would need:

¤ 1. Prayer    2. Presence    3. Proclamation    4. Persuasion

¤ We would need to include these four aspects of mission into everything we do as a church.

¤ The final session looked at our good and bad points and we came up a selection before we ran out of time.

¤ Re-ordering the Church
To help us in ministering to the town, we are planning to re-order the church to help make it a more suitable environment for worship and to enable a greater variety of functions to take place in the church. We are investigating ways to make the church physically more accessible by making the floor all one level, and we would like to upgrade the heating system to one that is more efficient to run and actually makes the church a comfortable temperature in the winter months! With these basics covered we are looking at how the layout of the church can be improved to make the space more flexible and to provide a more private area for prayer which everyone can use, as we have no chapel. Before we can commit to this work the roof must be repaired, we are continuing to raise funds and explore how the re-ordering can take shape. During 2009 we will be have a special licence to experiment with different arrangements of the church to see which best supports our worship. You will notice that the pews have been moved so that the space is more flexible. This is one small step on this journey.