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Mid- Week Groups

¤ Tuesday Tots A group for parents and young children which meets for play, stories and fun. Every Tuesday from 9:30 until 11am in the ARK. There is a small charge of 75p per family to cover costs, tea/coffee included!

¤ Prayer Group. Every Tuesday at 11am this group meets in the church to pray for those who need help, love and support. We believe in the power of prayer and we see God working in people around us and in Needham Market.

¤ Julian Meetings. They take place in The CotTage on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 1pm. We are a small group of people from various churches and we spend half hour in silent and still, contemplative prayer as Julian of Norwich once did. This teaches us the discipline of spending time with God without the need for words, requests, ceremony. We make ourselves available to be open and receptive to God's presence and to do what he wills. We are with God in silence and stillness, because God is.

¤ Monthly Home Worship. Takes place on the first Monday of the month at 10am, at the home of Wendy Marchant. Usually around 12 people attend and Wendy prepares a specific theme relevant to the time, day or season.

¤ Home Group. Between 4 and 10 people attend our monthly home group which is held on the last Wednesday evening of the month from 8-10pm, at the home of the Petersons. We spend time in worship to the Lord, bible study and prayer. We have looked at the Ten Commandments, the book of Mark, the book of Luke and we have run a series of studies on prayer. We currently are running monthly sessions on the theme of "Encounters with Christ". This sharing of faith and fellowship has been and continues to be very helpful to the group members, enabling us to support one another and encourage each other to grow in faith.

¤ The Christians Together Group. A group of Christians from a variety of different Christian traditions and churches meet in The ARK at 10am every Thursday in term time for about an hour

¤ Lent Course. Every year we run a lent course, sometimes in partnership with Christchurch.

Other courses are run throughout the year on an occasional basis.