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About Us - Present

What do we do?

Where do I start? As a church community we are involved in so many valuable and worthy functions to support and care for so many people and we want to know how to contribute more. We seek God's Word and Will constantly to ensure we are walking with Him and working with His Blessing. In addition to serving the Christian community with the running of Sunday morning service, here's a flavour of the other things that we do to serve our God.

The Church

¤ Our church is a welcoming place for visitors to admire and for anyone who enjoys the space, peace and tranquillity to spend time with God in prayer or just to be in His presence. The doors are usually open from 9am to 5pm, or until dusk in winter.

¤ Every Tuesday at 11am a small dedicated group meet up to pray together for the community of Needham Market, the Cottage, the Church, people we know who are ill or suffering on some way or other, and particularly for those whose names are put on our prayer board in the entrance to the church. We are encouraged by the amount of faith shown in people we don't know who ask us to pray for their loved ones.

¤ The church has a display of the Stations of the Cross in modern art painted by local artist Francis Hoyland. They can be used in a meditative way in prayer or peace.

¤ Tuesday Tots is aimed to meet the needs of very young children and their parents / carers - lots of fun to be had!

¤ We enjoy a small choir of experienced singers to support the worship. The choir also hold various concerts throughout the year - info can be found on the fundraising events page