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The CotTage

¤ We have the CotTage, which serves as an administration office for the church and pastoral centre for the town. Various church meetings can also happen here.

¤ We run the CotTage jointly with members of Christchurch. The original vision for the CotTage was to provide pastoral care from the 'cot' to old 'age, hence the name. We are striving to evaluate and seek God's continued purpose for this building and team who run it, and would welcome prayerful suggestions and comments.

¤ The CotTage holds daily morning prayer and offers a friendly ear and cup of tea or coffee for those who need the company and the social life. We have the facility to hold one-to-one meetings of a more confidential and supportive nature. This is available Monday to Thursday mornings. On Wednesday Holy Communion is held there.

¤ We run monthly Coffee Mornings at the CotTage and everyone is welcome to come along between 10am and 12 noon. We serve complimentary tea, coffee or squash, and we sell homemade cakes, jams as well as FairTrade goods.