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Social Events

¤    Parish Weekend at Launde Abbey - November 2011
Communion at Launde AbbeySome of our church family spent a very enjoyable weekend together at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire. The theme for the weekend was "Seeing Light in the Darkness". To sum the weekend up in a few words - we explored how God is always there for us however bad things seem. Darkness brings on a sense of uncertainty and fear, but in the quiet and the gloom we can find God. Also in periods of our own darkness we too can find light in the form of Jesus Christ. It is up to us to search for his Light. Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life." John 8v12.

To conclude our weekend at Launde Abbey we held a communion service, during which we lit a candle for those on our minds at that time. As I was sitting there I saw out of the corner of my eye the figure of Mary holding the baby Jesus in her out stretched arms and looking down at her child. I wondered, how did Mary feel holding that child in her arms, did the thought that this was the "Light of the World" that many had been talking about, was lying there in front of her? I decided to put the figure next to the bowl of candles as I felt God telling me that it was a good example of darkness and light.

Maybe you will find this picture of use to you if you to are trying to find the light in the darkness. Use it in your prayers or if you wish copy it and paste it on to your computer. I hope it will help to you.

¤    Harvest Supper
The Harvest Supper is always a sell out success. More details in September, however, to volunteer entertainments, please see our Church Wardens!

¤    Christmas Bazaar
The annual Christmas Bazaar is held in the Community Centre and has many stalls with many potential Christmas bargains, from cakes to ‘everything for £1’, from potions and lotions to the ‘pink elephant’. As always, Father Christmas is generous with his gifts!